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Details of Learning and Teaching at KS3:
Students begin studying Spanish in Year 8 using the Mira 1 Express course and cover the following topics;

Topics Studies at KS3:

Year 8 Topics
  -Self and Family.
  -House and Home.
  -Free Time.

Year 9 Topics
  -Television and Film
  -Free Time and Going out.
  -Food and Eating out.

Assessment and Feedback:
Students are regularly tested on key vocabulary as well as being assessed in Listening. Reding and Writing at the end of every Half Term according to National Curriculum Levels. Speaking is assessed once a term. Students also sit a final end of year exam in the Summer Term.

The Spanish Department place a very strong emphasis on Assessment for Learning and personalised feedback which is given through classwork and marking as well as throught twive yearly interim reports, an annual written report and Parent's Evening. We encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning by setting and recording their own targets as well as those set by their class teacher.

Useful Websites for the students / parents:

 How can parents help?
There is no need to buy your son any additional resources to supplement the Spanish course but a Pocket Dictionary would be most useful.

In addition to monitoring the completion of written homework, non-Spanish speaking parents can still assist in the learning of vocabulary by testing students on spellings and encouraging the use of Spanish Websites at home.

 Trips and Visits
In 2013 we plan on taking Year 9 students for a Spanish trip during the Summer Term.